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Sep 28, 2016

Psiphon’s First Time Sponsoring the Toronto Chinatown Festival

On August 20th and 21st, Psiphon joined the 16th annual Toronto Chinatown Festival for the first time as one of the event sponsors.

In this 2 day event, Psiphon raised public awareness on Internet content access by reaching out to over 200,000 participants and educating more than 200 visitors on Psiphon’s software. Psiphon has also given out 10 visitors a free month of Psiphon Pro and custom made festival giveaways to booth visitors during the event.

As an important neighborhood in the downtown core, Chinatown BIA hosts the Toronto Chinatown Festival every year aiming to bring upon pan-Asian community in the city to celebrate its rich cultural heritage.

Click here to check out more about Psiphon's initiatives in arts and cultural events. 

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¡Hola Cuba!

Did you know that Cuba is one of the countries with the most restricted internet access in the world? Home internet access is forbidden, and even though the government is introducing more and more public WiFi spots, they cost 2$ an hour, which in Cuba is one tenth of the monthly wage. Even then users cannot surf the web freely - they are subject to government surveillance and  anti-government websites are blocked.  Internet speeds are extremely slow.

Psiphon was in Miami this month at the Cuba Internet Freedom Forum , a conference to discuss and exchange ideas, look at the current state of the internet in Cuba and look for ways to support its growth.

Tell all your Cuban friends that Psiphon will help them access the open free internet !

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