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Wickr Secure Open Access

Psiphon is proud to announce an exciting new partnership. Over the last few months we have been working with Wickr to create a new feature for their secure messaging platforms: Wickr: Secure Open Access. With this feature Wickr and Psiphon have made it possible for teams and enterprises in any part of the world — US, Europe, Asia or Latin America — to have reliable end-to-end encrypted messaging, calling, file and screen sharing with no interruptions in service. No other secure communications platform enables unfettered connection anywhere in the world this way. Wickr, already well established in the secure messaging environment with their versatile platform, recognized that as organizations are increasingly global, there can be both security as well as accessibility concerns when trying to ensure secure communication for people all around the globe. Wickr believes their end users shouldn’t have to worry about being able to connect to their colleagues, fri