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Shutdown in Myanmar: A Fresh Story with Old Challenges

  Supporting 5 million users in Myanmar is no small feat When the Internet goes dark, so does communication with the rest of the world. We know that many regimes use Internet censorship as a method to suppress public awareness,  civil protest, and mobilization, and a shutdown event is often a signal of bad things to come. This means more bad news is lurking around.  When the lights of the routers went off in Myanmar, the whole world changed for millions of Burmese... Read more about Psiphon in Myanmar The battle for Myanmar plays out on Twitter, TikTok and Telegram More Governments Disrupt Internet for Political Control “Shocked and sheer disbelief” was how a young Burmese described the situation after the coup in February. “I lost my sense of direction,” and also “my job”. He was not the only person who experienced this level of dislocation: close to 2 million Burmese flocked to the Psiphon network in the span of only a