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Nov 28, 2016

Psiphon's First Time Supporting Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

The 2016 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival has come to a close after a successful run from 8th to 19th November, 2016. As the largest Asian film festival in Canada, Reel Asian has been bridging the Pan-Asian contemporary cinema and Canadian community through creating a platform for emerging and award-winning directors, actors and the local community to share their work and opinions on films. This year, over half of the film titles were directed by North American filmmakers.

This year marked the 20th anniversary, and for the first time new elements were introduced for the film festival-- including Reel Asian's inaugural WEE ASIAN Kids Programme for parents and children, free entries to 10 films for senior and student audience, as well as a new 20/20 Interview Series. 20 candidates who either have worked or attended the film festival in the past 20 years were invited to talk about their memorable stories with Reel Asian, as well as the impact of the film festival on their lives. 

Psiphon is very excited to collaborate with Reel Asian for the first time in celebration of their 20th anniversary. As much as the festival is a huge success itself with higher than before ticket sales, we helped expand their online exposure to our users in Canada and China, which received over 2.3 million views over the course of the festival. Through Psiphon's content delivery, our users from China learned about media arts that were screening overseas. Psiphon users in Canada and China were also able to watch trailers of selected films on Psiphon Today. 

Since our previous partnership with BFI Film Flare Film Festival, Psiphon continues to pursue opportunities to support art and cinematic initiatives. We are more than happy to connect our users to media arts that are relevant to them and provide an open platform for them to engage with the events.

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival will happen again in November 2017 with great films!

Check out this year's Reel Asian Award winners and more festival highlights at www.

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