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Mar 20, 2017

Internet Freedom Festival 2017

Another successful Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) was held 6-10 March, 2017. The week-long "global unconference" festival takes place every year in Valencia, Spain. It is a great opportunity for those in the Internet Freedom community to meet up, share experiences, learn from one another, and discuss issues affecting the Internet today. Once again, Psiphon team members were in attendance at this year's IFF.

This year’s sessions focused on eight different themes: Community; Training & Best Practices; Internet Freedom: Present and Future; Tools & Technology; Policy & Advocacy; Regions & Groups; Communications & Design; and Journalism & Media. The IFF encourages collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity. The days were filled with engaging sessions, each of which presented an opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world and undertake the shared common goal of Internet Freedom.
Learn more about what participants have to say about the IFF through the Twitter hashtag #InternetIFF.

1st Vietnam Cyber Dialogue

A day before IFF kicked off, the first ever Vietnam Cyber Dialogue (VCD) took place. Inspired by ASL 19s Iran Cyber Dialogue, the event was a lively gathering of community leaders, activists, policy makers, and technologists working towards improving access to information and greater freedom of expression in Vietnam. The event was organized by Article 19, Việt Tân, Aspiration, and Reporters Without Borders.
Ahead of the event, Việt Tân shared “10 Things to know about Vietnam and the internet,” with attendees. Vietnam has the largest number of internet users in Southeast Asia and a vibrant cyber community. There is certainly lots to discuss when it comes to Vietnam’s media landscape and online environment. The VCD provided safe space for collaboration and dialogue between the Vietnamese community, its diaspora, and technologist allies.
Hear what Việt Tân’s Loa and The 88 Project had to say about the Vietnam Cyber Dialogue in this YouTube video.

Upcoming events

If you’re interested in Internet Freedom check out these upcoming events:

Iran Cyber Dialogue 27-28 March, 2017

RightsCon Brussels 2017 29 – 31 March, 2017

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